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$50.00 Per Year - Due January 1st every one. We Auto Payment Renew, and you’ll get an Invoice for Tax write-off records.

There are only a couple requirements to be able to qualify to be apart of the Buy Local!

1) Independently Owned

2) SoPo or Cape Business Address Filed with the SOS

3)Must be in good standing with Secretary of State

Within 72 hours our membership committee will do a review of your application to make sure your business meets our minimum standards. Once approved we will send you an Invoice to Pay Online. Please save your card on file for Auto Renewal every year.

Credit Card Price Total: $51.50

We are going all digital to avoid the hassles of previous years collections and people not remembering to send. This will help us renew everyone ever year, and giving opt out options in advance.

Thank you so much for starting up a business in our cities! We put a small amount of money to achieve great things in South Portland Cape Elizabeth. We want to thank for you caring for your community and the businesses in it.

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