South Portland Cape Elizabeth Buy Local

What is Buy Local?

We are a voluntary, cooperative effort of independent, local businesses who use education, networking events, advocacy, marketing and citizen involvement to help our community prosper and contribute to a healthy, vibrant, small business culture.


We’re registered in the State of Maine as a non-profit organization and are run by a group of volunteers elected to Board of Directors roles annually. Open meetings are held each month and all members are welcome to participate.


  1. Educate the public about about opportunities to buy locally (ex: publishing the annual Buy Local Business Directory, Social Media posts, attending community events, etc)

  2. Provide Networking opportunities for local business owners (example: annual Buy Local Directory launch party)

  3. Sponsor key events to promote our member businesses (ex: sponsor the annual Bug Light Festival, Shop Small, Local Community Events)

  4. Market ourselves through local and social media (ex: Buy Local website, Facebook page, etc)

  5. Foster good working relationships with local government and non-profits (ex: support annual Winterfest, Art in the Park, Annual Toy Drives)


Any independent business located in South Portland or Cape Elizabeth. ‘Locally owned’ means the business must be headquartered and registered in Maine and the owner must be a Maine resident. This includes any employee-owned and cooperatively-owned Business or non-profit (but not government entities). ‘Independent’ means the owner(s) have complete decision making authority over the business.


Please attend our meetings, join a committee, volunteer to help with a membership drive, or follow us on social media! Your support is welcome!